ABOUT Zaharoff

Zaharoff is headed by Creative Director, George Zaharoff, whose childhood dream was to bring his creations to the world. Zaharoff is managed by an incredibly talented group of individuals who dearly love Zaharoff.

George is inspired by his travels around the world, taking multiple perspectives from various continents, and relishing in the history he finds and people he meets. He explains, “Zaharoff transforms beautiful works in a very distinguished way.” He gleans inspiration from world history and architecture and blends in to wardrobe elements that reflect the soul of the Zaharoff man and woman.

Zaharoff is steeped in George’s interpretation of worldly aesthetics, showcasing a historically inspired yet thoroughly contemporary point of view. One might find a silk tie designed with a pattern similar to a Byzantine molding chiseled 1,100 years ago, or a textured sports jacket inspired by a sail from fishing boat in Zanzibar.

Zaharoff has been selling his ready-to-wear men’s and women’s collections at select specialty stores for over ten years under the “Zaharoff Basilea” label.  With Zaharoff, George wanted to offer exceptional quality & exceptional fabrics, just like his ready-to-wear collections, but at prices not possible to offer anywhere else but on www.zaharoff.com

The Zaharoff site concept

The Zaharoff website was created so that it would be simple and user friendly, easy to navigate, without too much information.

How do you pronounce Zaharoff?

Za (as in piz-ZAH) – HAR (as in HARdy) – OFF (as in the opposite of “on”) = Zah-HAR-off (emphasis on the HAR).