ABOUT Zaharoff Zaharoff is headed by Creative Director, George Zaharoff, whose childhood dream was to bring his creations to the world. Zaharoff is managed by an incredibly talented group of individuals who dearly love Zaharoff. George is inspired by his travels around the world, taking multiple perspectives from various continents, and relishing in the history he finds and people he meets.
The Journey Begins! First stop? Kununurra, Australia, literally the far corner of the world. The oil? Sandalwood. Join George Zaharoff as he takes you to the first stop on his journey to Change the World with a Fragrance. Zaharoff Pour Homme will be available in limited quantities on http://nordstrom.com for Holiday 2018 and then launched in the Spring of 2019.
Words cannot explain how excited we are to present this to you. We went on a quest to find the best of the best; no expense was spared. The finest oils were sourced, taking us, and you, to the far corners of the world.
Coming Fall 2018
Hello! Ok...so here's the second episode on the Zaharoff channel! I am so excited to share this with you. Come along as I introduce you to filmmaker Nick Manesiotis as well as explain where newly created Basileia Studios fits in our world.
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George Zaharoff keeps it real by sharing three life lessons he learned in his late teens...to STFU Many don't realize judgments and rude comments are just as harmful and painful as comments about a person's ethnicity or sexual identity. Strive to be without judgment, where everyone is accepted for who they are, what they look like and what they create.
George Zaharoff has a little fun by going through nine of the most mispronounced global luxury brands. He also shares how to pronounce "ZAHAROFF" One he forgot was LOEWE, which is pronounced "LOO-EH-VEH"
George Zaharoff talks about how the importance of affirmations are, the role they've played in his life.
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