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Parfum Solid Zaharoff Signature ROYALE 1.0 oz Travel Size

Parfum Solid Zaharoff Signature ROYALE 1.0 oz Travel Size

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Zaharoff Signature ROYALE Extrait du Parfum Solid (30%)

Offering: Parfum Solid 1.0 oz - 30ml Travel Compact 

Perfect for travel! Taking the Zaharoff ROYALE to another level - handmade in Ohio, USA, by Happyland Studios, we are offering the Zaharoff Signature ROYALE Extrait du Parfum in a solid. Easier to travel with, easier to carry around - you will always have your Zaharoff Signature close to you.

Presented in a metal twist top tin, simple and compact.


PERFUMER: Master Perfumer Claude Dir

Top Notes:
Fresh Cardamom (Guatemala)
Citrus Blend (Italy)
Himalayan Juniper 
Apple (Washington State, USA)
Heart Note, Mid-Notes:
Lavender (Italy)
Pimento Leaves (Jamaica)
Magnolia (Virginia, USA)
Bottom Note, Dry:
Sandalwood (Australia)
Gold Patchouli (Indonesia)
Oud (China)
Suede and Cashmere Wood blend - Cedarwood, Amber, Musk and Vanilla, which brings out a suede accord!


Beeswax + Zaharoff Signature ROYALE