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SOLD OUT! Curly Scents x Zaharoff THE SIREN EDP
SOLD OUT! Curly Scents x Zaharoff THE SIREN EDP
SOLD OUT! Curly Scents x Zaharoff THE SIREN EDP
SOLD OUT! Curly Scents x Zaharoff THE SIREN EDP

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SOLD OUT! Curly Scents x Zaharoff THE SIREN EDP

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Curly Scents x Zaharoff THE SIREN EDP Spray 60ml (2.0 oz)  

One Size Only / Limited Production / One Batch Only!

And then there were none! This product is sold out and no longer will be available.

Offered in limited amounts, and only one size, one of three #ZedCreators, Curly Scents x Zaharoff - THE SIREN  

THE SIREN captures the two distinct worlds of the beautiful yet mysterious mythological creature. Seemingly innocent at first, the Siren sings a sweet, alluring and captivating melody of rich Cognac, Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Almond, Ginger and Cardamom, which inevitably draws you closer and closer. It soon transitions to a dark and deadly world - one of earthy Patchouli, warm Amber, and erotic Leather. Seafarers, you’ve been warned.



About Andrea Charls, Content Creator of Curly Scents:

One of my earliest memories of fragrance comes from my uncle. Every time he would go for a night out or a date, the smell of his cologne would fill up the entire house. I was so fascinated and drawn to this particular scent, and after he left I would always sneak into his room just to smell it and try to figure out which bottle it was coming from. Many years later, I found out that the scent was Dior Fahrenheit - An extremely masculine and Avant-Garde scent that I still adore till this day. Growing up, I would always visit fragrance shops for fun and smell EVERYTHING. I also quickly realized that I had a knack for being able to guess what people were wearing when they walked past me on the street. Fast forward to today, and I own way too many bottles for my own good!

Creating my own Youtube channel was something I knew that I wanted to start for a while. Being a professional Singer and Musician, I absolutely love connecting with different audiences and sharing my music with others, and YouTube seemed like an amazing opportunity to share my fragrance passion with like-minded individuals from all around the globe. My partner, Anthony Tóth - who is 1 half of “Curly Scents” is also very much into fragrances, and we would constantly spend time smelling and discussing scents with each other. We both noticed that was a need for more female creators in this niche, and decided to dive in head first. We invested in some equipment and prepared for almost a year before our first video. 70+ videos and over 70k subscribers later, and here we are!

The focus of my channel is the balance between education and entertainment/humor. While I do occasionally use more technical terms, I also love to relate fragrance to a specific feeling, place, or everyday things in life. I try not to filter myself, and if it smells like nail polish to me, or like sitting in a cozy chair by a fireplace - I’ll say it. Basically anything that can help stimulate the viewers imagination by creating a unique feeling/experience for each fragrance.

The Siren Ingredients (Curly Scents)



*While supplies last!